Acceptable Graphics:

  • Tee-rific Graphics, LLC will not print the following types of graphics:
    • Copyrighted/trademarked material, including but not limited to:
      • Slogans, Sports, Entertainment, Corporations, Manufacturers, Restaurants, Military
    • Profanity (any questionable text can be sent to prior to ordering)
    • Pornographic images
  • Tee-rific Graphics, LLC reserves the right to deny any questionable material
  • The use of logos must have pre-approved usage prior to orders being submitted. Please submit a Logo Authorization form with order.


Graphic Requirements:

  • Maximum image size is 14” x 16”.
  • Supplying your own
    • The preferred format for all artwork is in PNG or PSD format with a transparent background. Please understand that if the image does not have a transparent background, the background color will print in a box around the image. We also work with JPG, BMP, GIF, AI, PDF, TIFF.
    • Artworks should be in RGB color mode.
    • 200 DPI (dots per inch) is the minimum requirement, otherwise slight pixilation or distortion may occur upon printing.
    • Size to print. Creating the artwork at/close to the size you wish it to be printed minimizes the risk of pixilation, discoloration or distortion.

Anything deviating from the above specifications may result in a slight color shift during the conversion. Please understand that Tee-rific Graphics, LLC, tries to minimize any modifications to the artwork, but certain circumstances might not allow exact reproduction.